NHVTA 2021 Virtual Spring Conference

 2 days - 3 lectures each day - NHVTA CE Approved for 3 CEU each day

All lectures presented by Amy Newfield, MS, CVT, VTS (ECC)

Sunday, April 18, 2021 - 9 am to 12 noon

  • Triage: How to Handle the Surprise Visit; Even in general practice unexpected patients arrive. It is important that technicians are able to identify what are true emergencies. This lecture focuses on how to triage, the different triage techniques as well as how to triage multiple species (domestic, exotic, wildlife).
  • ER Cases from the Trenches; We can all learn from each other victories and failures. This lecture reviews several ER cases where nursing care played a key role in the outcome of the patient. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of how to monitor and care for patients of any hospital.
  • A HBC Enters Your Clinic Step by Step; Even if you do not work in an emergency clinic, the chances are you will have a hit-by-car pet come through your doors. The first 15 minutes of that pet’s arrival is the most important. Attendees will learn exactly what to do in what order when a hit by car pet comes through the doors. Triage, catheter selection, fluid therapy and more will be discussed.

Sunday, April 25, 2021 - 9 am to 12 noon

  • Bad Vein...How to Gain Venous Access on "Naughty" Veins and What To Use; Attendees will be taught a variety of different techniques of IV catheter placement on “naughty” veins. Catheter selection and vein selection will be discussed. A variety of troubleshooting methods will be reviewed of how to get catheters in difficult veins. Videos and step-by-step pictures will be shown to help participants conquer “naughty” veins.
  • Caring for the Critical Pet; The critical patient requires different and more intensive nursing care than your "routine" patient. This lecture will focus on intensive monitoring techniques and tricks of the trade. Blood pressure, spot check ECGs, fluid therapy, and dealing with the "down" patient will all be discussed.
  • Forward Thinking Nursing Skills; Often times veterinary technicians and assistants are taught what to do. “Complete the treatments” that are prescribed by the veterinarian is how many perform their job. They are not required to “think ahead” for their patient. This needs to change. Veterinary technicians and assistants are as responsible for the care of the patient as much as the veterinarian. They must identify problems early, understand changes in their patients, and take proactive steps to avoid worsening of disease or injury. This lecture focuses on a skill that human registered nurses are taught in skill and one that our veterinary technicians and assistants must know to provide the best care to the patient.

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Speaker Bio - Amy Newfield, MS, CVT, VTS (ECC)

Amy is currently employed with BluePearl Veterinary Partners as a Project Manager for Training and Health and Wellness. After working in general practice for many years, Amy found her passion in emergency medicine and went on to obtain her VTS in Emergency and Critical Care.  She has held several board positions in the Academy of Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Technicians & Nurses including president.  Amy is well-published in over 15 subjects, is an international speaker, has received numerous awards including two-speaker of the year awards and is highly involved in her community. She lives in Massachusetts with her wonderful furry kids where you can find her eating chocolate, running in the woods, competing in agility and diving in the ocean.

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