NHVTA Upcoming Live CE Webinars

National Veterinary Technician Week

Sunday, October 17th at 2 pm

Two 1 hour lectures presented by Amanda Shelby BS, RVT, VTS (Anesthesia/Analgesia)

Followed by the 2021 NHVTA Annual Membership Meeting at the conclusion of the CE lecture

Escape Room Anesthesia: Will your patient survive? 

The presentation is designed as case base anesthetic work-ups. Participants should be ready to have audience engagement in developing the anesthetic plan for "real" patients that require surgery/anesthesia. The audience selects what happens next! Based on majority selection, collectively, we determine if our patient survives the anesthetic event! We will then proceed to review each choice of action to discuss the pros and cons for optimal patient care. Upon completion, participants should feel more comfortable with navigating complicated anesthetic cases and troubleshooting some common anesthetic complications. 

ABCs of ECGs

Monitoring ECGs is important in critical patients and during the peri-anesthetic period. AAHA and ACVAA anesthetic monitoring guidelines include monitoring of circulation. ECG monitoring provides a unique assessment of cardiovascular rate and rhythm. Routine ECG assessment allows for early detection of potentially life-threatening arrhythmias and thus early treatment. Within this presentation, we will learn a systematic approach to ECG interpretation and identify common arrhythmias. We will also explore causes and effective treatments. Upon completion, participants will be able to interpret common arrhythmias from ECGs, understand their causes and treatment options.

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This webinar is approved by the NHVTA for 2 CEU

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 Saturday, October 23rd at 5 pm

Two 1 hour lectures presented by Beckie Mossor, RVT

4 Realities Exposed: A Visual Tour of Heartworm Disease

Veterinary technicians play a crucial role when it comes to educating pet owners about parasitology. Having a strong knowledge base on heartworm disease empowers the vet tech to protect more dogs through prevention, education, and testing. This session provides a unique and memorable perspective on heartworm disease through images of real clinic cases that illuminate the true impact of these parasites on the dog’s health.

Lone Star Ticks: An Expanding Threat To Pets And Humans

This program is a live continuing education presentation targeted toward a veterinary technician audience. As such, it is a part of Boehringer Ingelheim’s Vet Tech Champions (TC) program. The goal of the TC program is to empower veterinary technicians in speaking to dog owners specifically about the lone star tick. By pairing technical information on the disease state with communication tools and techniques, veterinary technicians will leave this presentation feeling empowered to educate pet owners on how to keep dogs safe from tick-borne diseases.

Registration: NHVTA Members – Free, Non-Members $10

This webinar is approved by the NHVTA for 2 CEU

Thank you to the BI Vet Tech Champions Program for sponsoring this webinar

Registration is closed for this webinar.