Vet 800 Administrative Rules - Veterinary Nurses, Veterinary Technicians, and Veterinary Assistants 

The NH Board of Veterinary Medicine finalized and adopted Vet 800 Veterinary Nurses, Veterinary Technicians, and Veterinary Assistants administrative rules at their March 15, 2023, meeting. These rules became effective on May 15, 2023. Details are available on the Board of Veterinary Medicine Laws and Rules | NH Office of Professional Licensure and Certification webpage. 

These rules outline tasks allowed to be performed by veterinary technicians and veterinary assistants.

These rules also include a clause allowing individuals meeting specific requirements who have not graduated from an American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) accredited veterinary technology program to take the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE) until May 1, 2026, to become credentialed.

Update on the N.H. Board of Veterinary Medicine Alternative Pathway Process

 The NHVTA attended the NH Board of Veterinary Medicine’s September meeting and learned that the BOVM is experiencing regulatory roadblocks affecting its ability to approve VTNE alternative pathway applications.  As they work to find a solution, the Board has pulled the application from their website and is no longer accepting applications. The Board of Veterinary Medicine expressed, with sincerity, that they are frustrated with this process, and from our perspective, they appear committed to the rules they have passed while still trying to provide a path to certification for OJT veterinary technicians.

What does this mean for the Vet 800 Administrative Rules?

It is essential to know that the removal of the alternative pathway application does not affect the rules that were passed earlier this year. The existing Vet 800 rules remain in effect, including the May 2026 deadline beyond which anyone practicing as a Veterinary Technician or Veterinary Nurse in NH must have passed the VTNE and be certified in NH or certified, licensed, or registered in another state.

For those seeking certification through an alternative pathway.

The State of Wisconsin currently allows non-Wisconsin residents to apply to sit for the VTNE and then become certified in Wisconsin (ref. Veterinary Technician Certification Application Process and Veterinary Technician Application). Those eager to move forward with sitting for the VTNE, and not wanting to wait for the NH application to open up could consider applying to take the VTNE through WI. After passing the VTNE you would be eligible to apply for certification in NH using the Alternative Pathway Application. This alternative pathway to becoming certified with the NHVTA expires on October 15, 2026. Travel to WI is not required, the VTNE is taken online remotely. 

NHVTA alternative pathway for certification process

For those individuals who may be currently certified in Wisconsin

The NHVTA updated its reciprocity rules for a limited time to allow reciprocity from states that do not meet the NHVTA standard of a degree from an AVMA-approved Veterinary Technology program and a passing score on the VTNE to make a path for those pursuing the VTNE through NH to be certified with the NHVTA. In doing so it allowed reciprocity from those credentialed in another state, including Wisconsin. This alternative reciprocity pathway to becoming certified with the NHVTA expires on October 15, 2026.

NHVTA reciprocity for certification process

 Vet 800 requirements may be satisfied by taking the VTNE through WI and applying for NH certification via Alternative Pathway Application, maintaining a certification, license, or registration in any other state, or using reciprocity to transfer and maintain your certification in NH. NHVTA CVT Membership

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